Remove CSS Class From Each Matching Element .removeClass()


className: {CSS class, Function(index, currentClass){...}}
e.g. $("div").removeClass("className")

.removeClass(className) will remove className from class attribute of each element in the matched set.

Example 1: $("div").removeClass("someClass") will remove someClass from class attribute of each <div>.
<div class="someClass"></div>
<div class="anotherClass someClass"></div>
<div class="someClass">a</div> // someClass removed
<div class="someClass">b</div> // someClass added
Example 2: $("div").removeClass( function(index) { return $(this).text() } ); will remove class that matches <div> content i.e. CSS class a will be removed from <div class='a'>a</div> if exists.
<div class="a b">a</div>
<div class="a b">b</div>
<div class="b">a</div> // a class removed
<div class="a">b</div> // b class removed
jQuery manipulation css .removeClass()