Copying Files to/from Android Emulator/Device to PC

adb-copy-file-to-pcAndroid Debug Bridge (adb) lets you communicate with an emulator or connected Android-powered device through a command line tool. You can use pull and push commands to copy files to and from an emulator/device to your development machine.

Environment & Tools:

  • PC with installed adb tool
  • Android Device with enabled USB debugging.

( 1 ) Connect the Device

Connect the device to your PC through USB port.

( 2 ) Open Command-Line Shell

( 3 ) pull Files from Device to PC

>> adb pull <device> <pc>
  • <device> is the path where to copy files from.
  • <pc> is a path where to copy files to.

e.g. to copy WhatsApp media files from the device to a PC

C:\>adb pull /mnt/sdcard/WhatsApp/Media c:\WhatsApp

( 4 ) push Files from PC to Device

adb push <pc> <device>