Monthly Archives: February 2013

First Time Neo4j

If it is your first time with Neo4j, “I know how does it feel!”. We will run it as an embedded db!


  • Run Neo4j for the first time ever as embedded db.
  • Create some nodes with relation.
  • Run embedded server to query and visualize built graph.

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Spring Framework JDBC (JdbcTemplate)

Connecting to relational database (MySQL) from Java application using Spring framework JDBC JdbcTemplate class.


  • How to use Spring JDBC (JdbcTemplate) to connect database (MySql)?
  • How to:
  1. insert(object)
  2. insert(object) return id
  3. select(id) return object
  4. select(id) return single column
  5. select() return list of objects
  6. batchUpdate() more than one records!
  7. count() return # of rows!

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