Spring MVC | Share Root WebApplicationContext Beans with Child WebApplicationContext

spring-240In the Web MVC framework, each DispatcherServlet has its own WebApplicationContext, which inherits all the beans already defined in the root WebApplicationContext. So if you have common beans or resources that need to be shared among “child” WebApplicationContexts,  you need to define them within root WebApplicationContext.

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Android |Get Current Location & Location Updates | Location Services API Tutorial

android-location-apiLocation Services API enables you to build location-aware Android application without going into the details of the underlying technologies. Location Services maintains user’s current location so your app just needs to get it from location client. The accuracy of the location depends on the active location sensors and location permissions requested in the Manifest file. Also, the API allows you to get the user’s updated location at regular intervals.

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Android Google Cloud Messaging Tutorial

android-gcm-archGoogle Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM) is a push-notification-like service freely provided by Google. Simply, it allows you to send data from one-end “we will call it a GCM server” to GCM clients e.g. Android app.

This service can be used to send notifications or messages containing up to 4Kb of payload data. The GCM service takes care of messages queueing and delivery to the target application. GCM is completely free no matter how big your messaging needs are, and there are “so far” no quotas.

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